Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faye's Lace Headband (2nd Batch)

Patok ang mga lace headbands ni Faye! So sorry guys but sold out na ang first batch. I told Faye this and she immediately made a second batch.

Here they are with the matching prices! Sana wag kayo magsawa sa bunbunan ko ;)

Violet Thin Headband: Php 30
Nude Thin Headband: Php 30

The nude lace headband when worn.

The violet lace headband when worn.

Turquoise medium lace headband: Php 70
Nude thick lace headband: Php 80

Nude lace when worn.

Turquoise when worn.

Brown medium lace headband: Php 50
Gray medium lace headband: Php 50

Gray when worn.

Brown when worn.

Black large lace headband: Php 80

Yellow large lace headband: Php 80

Yellow lace when worn.

Black lace when worn.


We can now have these pretty headbands shipped to you at a cost! =) But but but! If you still want to get it from me, for those living near Makati, you just let me know.

Please leave your orders in the comment box and please leave your email address so I can get in touch with you. You may also email me at for orders!

These are perfect Christmas gifts to your kikay friends and loved ones!

Gow na! =)